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A Historic Progressive Conservative Congregation in Valley Village, CA
A Dynamic Jewish Early Childhood Center Serving Children Ages 6 Weeks to Entering Pre-K
A Jewish Day School serving students in Grades TK-6
A Historic Progressive Conservative Congregation in Valley Village, CA
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Jewish Life

Adat Ari El aims to create an environment where our students are able to engage Judaism in personally meaningful ways.  ADAT seeks to offer Jewish experiences that deepen our students connection to Judaism.  Jewish values integrated into our curriculum offer our students the opportunity to learn about and act in the name of creating a kehillah kedoshah (a holy community).  Our students will learn about the rich culture that Judaism has to offer through various community events such as; our annual Day School family Shabbaton, grade led Shabbat services, community Shabbats and Havdalah services and community wide holiday celebrations.  As our students continue their journey at ADAT we encourage them to embrace, illustrate and articulate their personal connection to Judaism.Jewish life is woven into every aspect of our school, not solely in the Hebrew and Judaic Studies subject areas.

Examples of Jewish life at ADAT include:

  • Minyan
  • Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Rabbi storytelling and discussion
  • Annual Day School Shabbaton (Retreat)
  • Celebrating Jewish holidays and traditions with experiential and engaging activities
  • Judaic Arts and Crafts
  • Jewish Music and Dance
  • Shabbat Under the Stars
  • Global Jewish Learning Day: studying the same topic as the Jewish community around the world
Wed, September 22 2021 16 Tishrei 5782