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A Historic Progressive Conservative Congregation in Valley Village, CA
A Dynamic Jewish Early Childhood Center Serving Children Ages 6 Weeks to Entering Pre-K
A Jewish Day School serving students in Grades TK-6
A Historic Progressive Conservative Congregation in Valley Village, CA

Torah Trope | Thursdays, 6:45-7:30pm
Staff Hebrew Tutor Rachel Freed
28 Sessions Total. 8 Sessions: 10/19-12/14 & 18 Sessions Resuming: 1/18-06/06

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Course Description

Ever wonder how Torah readers know what melodies to chant or how they recognize words without vowels? This class will cover all this and more. You will learn trope symbols, the melodies that belong to them and look at different Torah excerpts to build or hone your Torah learning and chanting skills. With this course, we hope to add to our community of Torah readers who perform the mitzvah of chanting Torah on Shabbat and in Minyan services. Hebrew reading proficiency is needed. If you do not feel confident in Hebrew reading, please consider taking our “Hebrew Reading” class!


In Pirke Avot, Sayings of our Fathers, one of the main bits of wisdom offered is “Find a teacher, make a friend.” I joined the Torah Trope class hoping to learn how to chant from the Torah. What I found was a wonderful, patient instructor, who guided class members through various sentences, taught us some of the nuances of chanting, and prepared us to read on Shavuot. For me, learning languages​​​ ​​and associated pronunciations is often hard, but this was a safe space to make mistakes and to learn without pressure. If you have an interest in chanting from the Torah this is the class to take - Gary Spivack

Rachel is an excellent teacher and coach for Torah trope reading. The class goes through the different tropes and has practical examples which make learning easier. As long as you put in the work (10 minutes of practice a few times a week), you will read Torah! -Bill Lepler​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Rachel Freed is a fantastic teacher -- patient, knowledgeable and she has a beautiful voice! I had chanted Torah and Haftarah as a Bat Mitzvah, but had never learned the trope. Now I can apply these skills to reading any portion. I really enjoyed the class and community that was created. Thank you! - Vanya Green Assuied

Sat, December 2 2023 19 Kislev 5784